2013 Oktober Datenspuren Meetup

Oct 2013
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| Sven Guckes? ? ? Sun Sep 29 04:13:12 2013
| justus Sun Sep 29 10:23:43 2013
| morphium ? Sun Sep 29 10:27:12 2013
| hf Sun Sep 29 13:09:05 2013
| Anna Sun Sep 29 14:12:53 2013
| Astro? ? Sun Sep 29 18:23:01 2013
| _john? ? Sun Sep 29 21:00:19 2013
| vv01f? ? Mon Sep 30 13:08:17 2013
| bigalex Mon Sep 30 15:54:29 2013
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Sven Guckes said on 29.09., 04:13 

erstmal feststellen, wann jemand koennte.
details dann spaeter. bitte bis
spaetestens am montag eintragen!

Indeftbene said on 04.04., 12:39 

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cootbale said on 15.04., 08:47 

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